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  • Funeral services Funeral services The aim at Julian Tooley, is to offer families a complete, full funeral service or a support service if a funeral has already taken place and the client requires management of the ashes.

    There are a range of services that are tailored to individual needs.

    At Julian Tooley, we offer a combination of services carried out with the highest respect and dignity to our clients coupled with a range of pricing options.

    We offer the Golden Charter Prepaid Funeral Plans as well as other funeral plans on behalf of other companies.
  • Monumental masons Monumental masonry Within our monumental masons services, we design the arrangement with the family. Everyone requires different things and clients are guided through a range of pricing options as well as full guidance through considerations such as cemetery, county and churchyard pricing.

    We carry a small stock of headstones on display and we are happy to take clients through our catalogues and even meet at a place to look at preferred options.

Julian Tooley Independent Funeral Director & Monumental Mason